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The Delta G.E.M.S. Institute, formally known as Delta Teens, is a youth community service program ofthe Columbus Alumnae Chapter, which began in the early 70's. In 2006, the program was renamed to DELTA G.E.M.S. (Developing Effective Leadership Through Achieving, Growing, Empowering MyselfSuccessfully), which is an extension of the Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy I program. The DELTA G.E.M.S. Program's name and content were changed to become consistent with other teen programssponsored by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The DELTA G.E.M.S. primary focus is on teen girlsbetween the ages of14-18 and/or in grades 9-12 and to help themdevelop strong leadership skills.


The goals for DELTA G.E.M.S. are:

∆ To promote positive societal interactions

∆ To develop effective written and oral communication skills

∆ To encourage self-confidence, self-motivation, and self-discipline∆ To foster meaningful public service; including mentoring and networking

∆ To strive for intellectual enrichment

∆ To assist with the exploration of various career paths and means for obtaining them (collegeand/or vocationalskills training)

∆ To support talentsin academics, technology, sports, and fine arts

∆ To maintain moral values and personal pride while experiencing the crossroads of life


The mission of the DELTA G.E.M.S. Committee is to provide young ladies with a firm structural programthat will enhance their self-esteem, academic achievement, leadership skills, and cultural awareness. This,in turn, will provide them with the opportunity to develop emotionally, socially, and intellectually and beprepared to take an activerole in theirsuccess as they face the challenges of the world.The goals and objectives of the DELTA G.E.M.S. Committee will be accomplished through a series ofworkshopsand community serviceactivities using the following frame work:

∆ Scholarship (Academic Excellence)

∆ Sisterhood (Self Esteem, Health Awareness & Leadership)

∆ Showing Me the Money (Financial Awareness)

∆ Service (Social Responsibility Obtained throughCommunity Service)

∆ Infinitely Complete (The Rites ofPassage


(Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully)

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